Above Garage
Bonus Room

With often minimal
conversion, a bonus
room over the
garage can be a
great place for your
Home Theater.
Theater Front
Theater Rear
Why is Modular Home Theater better?

We design each room primarily from an acoustical aspect, marrying the equipment, speakers and projection to the

We tune the room with acoustical panels integrated into beautiful millwork frames which enables us to control the
room acoustically and still maintain an aesthetic balance and harmony to the existing interior design of the home.

Many years of manufacturing experience allow us to create an complete room environment for the cost of large piece
of cabinetry.

Price, performance and beauty equate a better choice.
Theater Rear
Theater Entrance
Theater Front
What is Modular Home Theater?

Modular Home Theater is type of system we developed over ten years ago
which allows us to utilize a series of frames, panels and moldings which
have been custom manufactured, stained and finished in our facility,
specifically for your room.

Typical installation is less than 3 days.
Above Garage Bonus Room
Room Joining

The theater below was originally two rooms
in a basement which were converted into
one large theater.
Crawl Space Excavation

This project began as a crawlspace under an existing home.  

After excavating nine feet and re-engineering the  footings and foundation, we
were able to increase the existing house square footage by an additional 2100
square feet.